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22.10.2019 Artur Olesch
Frankenstein's monster

What we are observing in healthcare today looks more like experimenting with digitalisation than actual digitalisation. We are trying to create a completely new organism composed of random elements without any idea how to combine them in the... Read more...

16.09.2019 Artur Olesch

Switching to digital documentation saves enormous amounts of paper, helping to protect forests from logging. This simple fact is often used as the obvious argument for going paperless. However, digitisation has both positive and negative impacts... Read more...

20.08.2019 Lee Kamlet
ESC digital Summit

A major medical society is tackling the opportunities and challenges of digital health

The rapid evolution of digital technology and its impact on the prevention and treatment of heart disease is the subject of a new digital summit... Read more...

14.08.2019 Artur Olesch
Doctor looking desperate

According to an OECD study from 2018, 1 in 4 patients is harmed while receiving primary and ambulatory healthcare. 2.6 million people die annually due to unsafe care. Medication errors cost an estimated 42 billion USD annually. Patient safety, in... Read more...