Tweet Chat: Opening Hospital Innovation

Posted on: 23.04.2018
Futuristic Doctor

The mission critical environment of the healthcare sector creates challenges with influencing the right stakeholders at the right time. How do we move beyond digital health pilots? And how could start-ups/SMEs show their value towards healthcare organisations? Maintaining sustainability and taking the next step forward most of the times requires paid and lasting implementations. Furthermore, at the rate in which medical technology is advancing on a global scale, we need to have the right mechanisms in place to ensure the success of even more projects.

The team at HIMSS Europe love challenges and we think that creating opens conversations in an interactive environment makes it easier to tackle them. On April 26, just one month before the conference, we will organise a Tweet Chat around this topic: Opening Hospital Innovation. We will co-host this tweet chat with ticbiomed, a digital health association that delivers eHealth business support across Europe.

The Tweet Chat will focus on these questions:

  • What are the secret ingredients for a successful digital health pilot?
  • How do you measure outcomes of digital health pilots?
  • What are your success stories for a full-scale implementation?
  • What are the pain points and road blocks of scaling up digital health pilots?

If you are interested in improving your chances in taking your digital health pilot to the next level and learn from others, make sure you share this with your colleagues. Let’s learn from each other!

Opening Hospital Innovation

Thursday April 26 at 6PM CET (5PM GMT – 12PM EST – 9AM PST)

Hashtag: #eHealthChat

Opening Hospital Innovation will be one of the main topics of the HIMSS Europe and Health 2.0 Conference to be held in Sitges (Barcelona) on May 27-29. The workshop dealing specifically with this challenge will take place on Tuesday 29th May at 2pm. Are you ready to take the dive?

Stefan Buttigieg

Specialist Trainee in Public Health Medicine, Malta