Turning data into value... Are you ready?

Posted on: 24.01.2018


Analysing massive amounts of data can help healthcare organisations discover patterns in the health of the population and, therefore, figure out questions and solutions to improve public health. Big data is a great tool for researchers working accross the healthcare ecosystem. We now have the technology to collect and analyse massive amounts of data but in many cases we are not fully aware of the challenges that arise from the use of this data.

At HIMSS Europe we believe that an open discussion among healthcare stakeholders and citizens is necessary to advance in the use of big data. On February 19 (6PM CET – 12 PM EST – 9AM PST) we will organise a Tweet Chat around this topic: Turning Data Into Value. We will co-host the Tweet Chat with Bioinformatics Barcelona, a reference organisation in this field. They are a platform that includes universities, research centres, pharma industry and IT organisations with the goal to advance the education and the transfer of knowledge around big data in health.

The Tweet Chat will focus on these questions:

  • As a patient, how would you define a Value-Based Care?
  • Which are the challenges of turning data into value for healthcare organisations?
  • For which uses would you allow the use of your genomic data from healthcare organisations? And from private companies?
  • How do you envisage the use of Artificial Intelligence in big data?

If you are interested in how big data is going to change your health and the challenges that we are going to encounter along the way, please help us spread the word and be sure to be part of the discussion.

How To Turn Data Into Value

Monday February 19 (6PM CET – 12 PM EST – 9AM PST)
Hashtag: #eHealthChat

*Turning Data Into Value will be one of the main topics of the HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference to be held in Sitges (Barcelona) on May 27 - 29. View the preliminary programme here.

Teresa Bau

Healthcare Communications Consultant