Doctors 2.0: Where are all the clinicians - many of us wondered at digital health conferences?

Posted on: 11.04.2018
Two female doctors in front of a computer

As I set foot to my first tech conference last year, and made my way through techies, geeks and uber cool individuals, I could not help but wonder: where did all the clinicians go?

Why should you, as a clinician, go to a tech conference?

I know how you feel. Considering all the things you must be able to do daily, transforming into a tech geek does not rank high in your ‘to-do list’. You diagnose all the things computers cannot see. More often that not, the technological revolution makes you wonder where the human side of medicine is going. After all, we might be looking at thinner screens, but we are still wearing the same old white coat.

What’s in it for me?

Going to a digital health conference, like the HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 one, is a way to spice up your practice. How so? I am glad you ask.

  1. Improving your CEO toolkit. You know as well as I do that if you are a clinician you are also a manager (no MBA required). Tools like Asana, Toogl, Basecamp or having a Virtual Assistant will change your life. For better!
  1. Connecting with your inner geek. Remember that idea that crossed while you were taking a shower? "Pharmazon!" The happy marriage of a pharmacy and Amazon. A website where you upload your patients’ prescription and he gets them delivered within hours at his place. The dream, isn't it? Well, it has probably been done already, but I am keen to know where the trends stand at the Health 2.0 Keynote.
  1. Boosting your networking life. Indeed, living the clinicians' life is exciting and full of action. But, don't you ever feel that you could use a time-out to mingle with like-minded people? The Sunday barbecue at the HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 will be the place to do so.

How will that help my patients?

As a physician, you are there for your patients in sickness and in health. Tech conferences will provide you with the digital literacy to be a splendid in both (if only such thing existed in a marriage...).

If you are patient is healthy, you can become the app prescription guru. A fitness app to exercise, one that makes you zen, and a whole toolkit on aging after attending the “Healthy and Active Ageing – Health 2.0 Style!” session.

When moments of disease arise - and you know they will - you will be there to help making their life (and thus yours) easier. Given my ever-aging patients, I am eager to know how to use and abuse technology to take a “Holistic Approach to Tackling Dementia” that will hopefully help many patients and families in distress.

Anything that allows me to take better care of my patients is worth my time. Becoming a Doctor 2.0 ranks, thus, high on my priority list. Will it change completely the way you practice? No. Will it trigger ideas on how you could, should, would do things differently? You bet!

Raquel Correia, MD, MSc

Trainee in General Practice and Medical SEO Copywriter, France/Portugal