Attending the HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference as a digital health entrepreneur

Posted on: 09.05.2018
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I can not wait for the HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference (Sitges, 27 - 29 May). Since I founded my startup DiabiApp, a couple of years ago, I have been to a few digital health events but I have not found them very useful. After looking at the programme and having talked to some colleagues that will be going I have come to the conclusion that HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference will offer me something unique and of great value for my business.

My company provides a mobile application for diabetes patients that can be customised to their disease type (diabetes 1 and diabetes 2). My goal is to support the patient’s monitoring process through accurate readings and to ensure the recordings are stored safely. Patients feel more empowered and are more active in their care when they have access to their data.  You may think it sounds great, but as a small entrepreneur I face many challenges in my journey to success. These are some of the challenges: there is a large number of digital health companies working in the diabetes field;  I find access to hospitals and large healthcare organisations extremely hard; and it is difficult to keep up with the European Union standards and regulations -especially with the new GDPR law coming into force this month.

I believe that the Sitges event is a unique opportunity to talk to a big variety of stakeholders across the whole healthcare ecosystem: hospital CIOs and managers, doctors, nurses, patients like Julie, and insurance and medtech companies that could be interested in my proposal. I am really looking forward to the fruitful conversations and the deals that might arise from them.

The educational sessions on offer in Sitges are just as relevant as the networking element of the conference. I anticipate that a lot of the topics which will be discussed will provide answers to questions of critical importance for my company. I have made a list of my favourite sessions and although some of them collide, I will try to go to as many as possible. These are the sessions I’ve added to my list of “favourites” on the app: 

  • Doctors 2.0: From evaluation to engagement: promoting clinicians' adoption of Health 2.0 solutions (Sunday 27, 14:00)

  • Patients 2.0: Extending the Reach of Patient Empowerment (Sunday 27, 14:00)

  • Joint Opening Keynote: "Accelerating the Digital Transformation" (Monday 28, 8:30)

  • From Hospital- to Patient-Centred Care (Monday 28, 10:30)

  • Opening Innovation: Hospital CIOs Meet Startups (Monday 28, 10:30)

  • From Empowered Patients to Engaged Health Consumers (Monday 28, 10:30)

  • Workshop: Empowering Patients and Citizens to Become CEOs of their Own Health (Monday 28, 14:00)

  • Health 2.0 Europe Keynote: Latest Innovations and Trends (Tuesday 29, 9:00)

  • Regulatory Awareness Workshop (RAW): Medical Apps (Tuesday 29th, 10:30)

  • Private Session for Payers and Insurers: Building an Evaluation Framework for Digital Health Solutions (Tuesday 29, 10:30)

  • Securing Data, Protecting Privacy | Chapter 1: Focus on Cybersecurity (Tuesday 29, 10:30)

  • Turning Data Into Value: Informing Clinical Decisions, Improving Outcomes, Advancing Research (Tuesday 29, 12:00)

  • The Rise of Digital Therapeutics (Tuesday 29, 12:00)

  • Securing Data, Protecting Privacy (Tuesday 29, 12:00)

  • Who needs standards?(Tuesday 29, 14:00)

  • Latest Innovations Toward a Digital Hospital (Tuesday 29, 15:30)

  • Garden Closing Keynote (Tuesday 29, 16:45)

The three day conference will be intense and exciting and will position me at the core of the European healthcare innovation. I am ready to learn and to make connections that can help my company achieve success in the densely populated digital health sector. If you are an entrepreneur, I suggest you come along for the educational and networking opportunities on offer: you might just find your perfect lead!

Don’t forget to download the app to connect with me and my colleagues.

Artur Chwats


DiabiApp, Poland