Digital Imaging Adoption Model

A strategic roadmap to digital imaging maturity

Jointly developed by HIMSS Analytics® and the European Society of Radiology (ESR), the Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM) helps to evaluate the maturity of IT-supported processes in medical imaging in both hospitals and diagnostic centres.

This eight-stage maturity model drives your organisational, strategic and tactical alignment towards imaging-IT maturity. With its standardised approach, it enables regional, national and international benchmarking.

Participants will receive a gap analysis with detailed action items for future investment decisions. In addition, DIAM provides an authoritative basis for presentation to the management level.


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What Are My Benefits?

Participants receive their DIAM Score as well as a report highlighting current gaps, future investment opportunities and metrics for benchmarking.

Guidance in the digitisation of imaging IT

Move towards a fully digitised imaging IT environment based on a roadmap created by industry experts from globally recognised organisations in the world of health IT and Imaging.

Decision Support for your IT Strategy

Use the results of the DIAM assessment to identify key opportunities for improvement, to drive your IT strategy and alignment with the overall business strategy of your organization.

Benchmark Opportunities

Compare your Imaging-IT progress over time and with peers from your region, your country or across the globe, based on a standardized and vendor neutral-assessment.

Healthcare market recognition for DIAM Stage 6 & 7 organisations

Announcement of your accomplishment at major HIMSS and ESR events, promotion of your organisation’s case study, use of the DIAM Stage 6 & 7 logo on your website.


Progress to Stage 7 with the DIAM Toolkit

  • — DIAM Assessment
  • — DIAM Strategy Session
  • — DIAM Validation
  • — DIAM Education
  • — Customised Benchmarks

DIAM Assessment

Take part in the DIAM Study to get your initial Score and understand relevant gaps in your current digital imaging strategy based on the DIAM Gap Report.

DIAM Strategy Session

Move forward strategically with an onsite strategy session that will guide your team to successful digital imaging strategy implementation and a roadmap to Stage 7 achievement.

DIAM Validation

Review and confirm your organisation’s progress with onsite validation from our team of industry experts.

DIAM Education

Do you need more information about the maturity model? Get a presentation directly from our subject matter experts with a deep dive into key focus areas to ensure strategic alignment and level-set your organisation on digital imaging concepts and strategy.

Customised Benchmarks

Benchmark your organisation based on DIAM, dive deeper into specific areas of your interest and select peers from your region, your country or around the world. We will create appropriate benchmarks for you.