Register here28–29 March 2017
Liège, Belgium

The HIMSS Liège Belgium event will be the Health IT event on the HIMSS CCMM (Continuity of Care Maturity Model) for the Benelux region and the North of France. Learn about benchmarking European hospital information systems on the international EMRAM scale. Highlights include dynamic sessions in French, English and Dutch, an exclusive networking dinner and a tour of an EMRAM 6 academic hospital. This event gathers top European healthcare stakeholders and is organised in partnership with HIMSS Europe, the University Hospital Centre (CHU) of Liège and the University of Liège (ULg).

Expected audience numbers - 250/300
Demographic - Benelux, France .
Language - French, Dutch, English
Topics - Continuity of Care

Sales/Sponsorship Contact

Alessandra Cardaci

Sales Coordinator,
HIMSS Europe