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Capitalising on Japan's digital healthcare economy during this era of aging societies

Japan and the UK share some common traits in healthcare and society. Both countries provide universal health care and, being mature, developed economies, face an aging demographic trend. Such a combination has resulted in each country’s healthcare sector experiencing rising costs and a dwindling human resource pool.

How to Securely go Digital in Healthcare

In this paper, we selected the top five best practices to help healthcare organisations go digital.

  • - From Paper to Paperless
  • - Digital Enrollment with Collaboration
  • - Leverage Mobile Solutions
  • - Patient Confidentiality
  • - Interoperability with PDF API/SDK

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Create The Future Of Care

Digital transformation is essential to creating the health systems and solutions of the future. But it takes more than just powerful application development technology to create transformative solutions for health and care.

Hospital puts OnBase by Hyland at the heart of its digital plans

University Hospital Southampton is deploying the OnBase enterprise information platform so it can close its Health Records Centre; and save £1 million a year. But that’s just the start of its plans for the system, its chief information officer, Adrian Byrne, explains.


Cloud adoption by the NHS and social care providers has been piecemeal and frustratingly slow. But the arrival of new guidance from NHS Digital means that a new impetus is driving the momentum for a comprehensive cloud strategy.

Are we in the NHS reinforcing mental health stigma through excessive data secrecy?

“If mental health data remains more secretive than HIV, cancer, or diabetes, care inequality will continue.”

- Dr. James Reed, consultant forensic psychiatrist and chief clinical information officer, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.