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Do you feel that women executives get adequate recognition in our industry? Would you find value in a resource recognising the contributions of women - and providing resources and support?

Following the success of the HIMSS’ Women in Health IT Community in the US, the European Women in Health IT Community (WHIT), was established in 2016 and today includes doctors, nurses, executives, IT professionals, educators, entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, students, and more. Join us to recognise the contributions of women!

The WHIT community will keep the spotlight on achievements and ongoing commitment by women leaders in digital health professions in Europe. Its priority is to address the gender gap within the industry, to drive awareness of gender-related issues and to provide professional resources and greater recognition to women leaders making significant contributions to the field. To that end, HIMSS Europe conducts the annual “Woman in Health IT survey” and while the 2018 results are somewhat worrisome, they also reveal the important role HIMSS Europe can serve in reversing gender gap issues in Europe. HIMSS Europe will continue to provide professional resources to facilitate the career advancement of women in digital health professions as well as connecting the community globally with peers in the United States, Middle East and Asia.

Past Events

Women in HIT workshop in Milan 13th March 2019.

HIMSS19, Orlando

HIMSS Europe 18 & Health 2.0 Conference, Sitges, Spain

HIMSS18, Las Vegas

HIMSS17, Orlando

Woman in Health IT survey

Please see here the latest results of our annual survey “Woman in Health IT survey” to determine what challenges women in healthcare IT face and what opportunities they have leveraged along their career path.

The results of the survey are used to analyse professional challenges of women in Health IT and to find ways to overcome them. We also aim to raising awareness and empowering for equal rights and equal pay in health IT in the coming period.

HIMSS Europe 18 & Health 2.0 Conference

27-29 May 2018, Sitges, Spain.

Members of the HIMSS Europe Women in Health IT Community (WHIT) – gathered in Sitges during the HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference to discuss their efforts to encourage more women into digital health careers and recognise the contributions women leaders are making in healthcare IT.

With the “Women in Health IT Reception” (honouring the female cohort of the HIMSS Europe Future50 leaders) the WHIT community recognised the contributions of women in eHealth. The community also took the chance to present the (above) results of the “Woman in Health IT survey” which are used to analyse the professional challenges of women in Health IT and ways to overcome them. The survey revealed that female professionals in health IT across a multitude of European countries believe that there is not enough recognition of the contribution women executives make in the industry. Find all details on the findings here.

HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference 2018


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