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The longest-standing HIMSS Europe Community, established in 2006, the HIMSS Nordic Community has a unique programme specifically tailored for healthcare IT professionals from both the public and private sectors in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. In order to address current needs and issues in the Nordic nations, a number of events and workshops are regularly organised. The community not only convenes at conferences, workshops and networking events, but also prepares presentations, panel discussions and organises hospital tours. Members take advantage of special offers and packages with invites to HIMSS events connecting the community globally with peers not only in Europe but also the United States, Middle East and Asia.

Past Events

Nordic Community Webinar, 4th May 2020

HIMSS @ WHINN 2019, 19-21 November 2019, Campus Odense, Denmark.

EHin 2019, 12-13 November 2019, Oslo, Norway.

HIMSS Europe 19 & Health 2.0, 11-13 June 2019, Helsinki, Finland

HIMSS19, 11-15 February 2019, Orlando, USA

HIMSS Nordic Community meet-up, 14 November 2018, at EHiN 2018, Oslo, Norway

HIMSS Nordic Community meet-up,11 October 2018, at the Week of Health and Innovation (WHINN), Odense, Denmark

HIMSS Europe 18 & Health 2.0 Conference, 27-29 May, Sitges, Spain

HIMSS18, 5-9 March, Las Vegas

HIMSS17, Orlando

HIMSS16, Las Vegas

HIMSS15, Chicago

HIMSS14, Orlando


Nordic Community Webinar: Pandemics: How Has Innovation Prepared the Nordic Countries?

4 May 2020

The Nordic Prime Ministers adopted a new vision in August 2019: The region will become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. At the core of this strategy is health data as it plays a crucial role to achieve better health, improve general welfare as well as allow research and innovation - which is more important than ever in light of the current COVID-19 outbreak.

The Nordic countries are characterized by universal healthcare for all from cradle to grave, with sophisticated digital health solutions both at the individual and population health levels. Yet they are nevertheless facing the same demographic, economic and technological challenges as we all are. Triggered by the pandemic, we already see that some of the recent uptakes of technologies are here to stay for the better, like telehealth and remote monitoring - solutions embraced by the Nordic countries even before the outbreak.

Learning Points:

  • Enabling environment: What makes Nordic countries to excel in innovation and collaboration?
  • Citizens in the focus: How to design pioneering policies that drive welfare of the society overall?
  • Response to COVID-19: What can we learn from crisis management approaches and solutions of the Nordic countries?

Recording link available here

News article covering the webinar available here https://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/europe/covid-19-lessons-nordics

Nordic webinar

Nordic workshop at the HIMSS & Health 2.0 Conference 2019 in Helsinki

The Nordic Workshop addressed the Nordic health IT scene by capturing the latest developments coming from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Baltics. Nordic delegates discussed important trends and innovations happening in their countries, from secondary use of data legislation to electronic health record management, genomic informatics, standardisation and reimbursement.

High level policy-makers joined the discussion, including Päivi Sillanakee, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs from Finland, Kalle Killar, Deputy Secretary General of E-services and Innovation in the Ministry of Social Affairs from Estonia and Costica Dumbrava, Programme Officer from DG CONNECT, European Commission.

The “Alva Patient Journey” case study was presented as the avatar patient as part of the Nordic Interoperability Project, which was both insightful and inspiring. The case study addressed why and how to make cross-border mobility of patient data a reality with the availability of Electronic Heath Records.

One of the conclusions which emerged from the discussion was that in a critical situation, it is crucial for the point of care to have patient data available. In addition, when patients travel borders, their data should travel across borders more easily and safely. Interoperability can lead to the use of integrated solutions and is the best way to define the constraints we need to tackle. Together with Nordic Innovation, the founders of the Nordic Interoperability Project (NiP) hope that sharing patient data can showcase the possibilities and start further discussions to bring us one step closer to our vision; seeing the Nordics as the most integrated health region in the world by 2030.

Nordic Interoperability Project short film: http://nordicinteroperability.com/general/nip-the-movie/

Photo Album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/96702476@N08/albums/72157709137227106


Dumbrava - European eHealth policy overview

Killar - E-health in Estonia – latest developments

Morgan - Genomits informatics and standardisation from a Swedish point of view

Onarheim - One citizen-one journal in Norway

Petersen - New reimbursment strategy in Denmark

Sillanaukee - Keynote Slides - Secondary Use of Data Legislation in Finland

Tunold-Hanssen - Nordic Interoperability Project - Presentation CaseAlva

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NORDIC Interoperability Project

This June marks one year after the conception of the HIMSS Nordic Interoperability Project – one of the most consolidated efforts to demonstrate the value for the patient from a seamless cross-border exchange of health data. Learn first-hand on the project scope, challenges, and ways forward as the Nordics are paving the way to building the most integrated health market in the world.

Click here to know more about the NORDIC Interoperability Project.

See firsthand how interoperability across NORDIC countries works in practice and meet the Community in Helsinki.

Nordic Delegation to HIMSS19

11-15 February 2019, Orlando, USA.

From breaking the silos to scaling the markets to achieving global competitiveness, the Nordic Delegation programme put the spotlight on a wide range of initiatives and suite of tools to help shape the Nordic region in one of world’s most integrated and innovative health markets. We discussed the traditional barriers to interoperability, but also the opportunities ahead, all for the benefit of the entire ecosystem with the Nordic citizen at the core. 


  • Nordic Collaboration needs Political Champions who are closer to the need of solving a health challenge.
  • The European Reference Networks (ERNs) for Rare Diseases is a good example of how countries can collaborate when they are forced to. The Nordic region can set up a new Paradigm for collaboration based on public trust and forward-thinking vision.
  • The HIMSS Nordic Community Interoperability Project is among the first initiatives to demonstrate the value for the patient from a seamless cross-border interoperability and presents a major step forward to making this a reality. The European Commission Recommendation on European Electronic Health Record exchange format, the IHAN®, and the Unique Patient Identifier common for the Nordic countries provide the foundation for a real take-off in the flow of health data across Nordic borders.

If you didn't get a chance to complete the cybersecurity survey in Orlando, please feel free to do so now by scanning this QR code. More info and direct link under HIMSS19 Cybersecurity Survey.


Interviews & News

Building citizen trust in data use

Transparency with fair data usage is being explored in Finland, says Jaana Sinipuro, Project Director at Sitra, while the country's general outlook is that data should be shared and used to improve services where possible.

Patient-powered healthcare in the Nordics

Training, education and access to technology for patients are imperative, especially when working within a publicly funded healthcare system, according to Mikko Vasama, general manager of Health Systems Nordics at Philips.

Why Norway's health start-up scene is booming

Lessons from oil and gas industry successes along with Norway's pioneering culture help fuel the drive to maximize the healthcare system's potential, says Kathrine Myhre, CEO of Norway Health Tech and winner of the HIMSS Europe Future50 award.

Handling health data securely at a national level

Finland's Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Päivi Sillanaukee, MD, PhD, says that health data collected has been used to improve life for the population, which has created trust between the government and citizens.

HIMSS Blog: Enterprise imaging needs more cybersecurity. Your vendor’s knowledge is key to mitigating the risk of breaches
Posted on: 14.03.2019, By Simon Häger, Market Strategist at Sectra


Nordic Delegation to HIMSS Europe 19 & Health 2.0

11-13 June 2019, Helsinki, Finland.

Following a successful collocated event in Sitges in May 2018, HIMSS and Health 2.0 continue to strengthen their ties and look forward to host the HIMSS Nordic Delegation in Helsinki. The conference will bring the best of both worlds: HIMSS’ knowledge, expertise and thought leadership in healthcare digitisation and Health 2.0’s network of entrepreneurs and investors, showcasing the latest cutting edge and innovative health tech solutions. The three-day event is supported and organised in conjunction with a number of Finnish organisations, including: The Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, SITRA (The Finnish Innovation Fund), Business Finland, The City of Helsinki, The University of Helsinki, The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), Oulu Health, Turku Science Park and Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre. Further information on the dedicated programme for the Nordic Delegation will be announced here soon! In the meantime, find all general information about the conference here.

HIMSS Europe 18 & Health 2.0 Conference

27-29 May 2018, Sitges, Spain.

The HIMSS Nordic Community Workshop came together on 27 May in Sitges with over 90 health and care professionals representing the entire Nordic region to discuss burning issues in digital health and participating in valuable discussions about the path ahead.

Please click here to access all speaker presentations, conference images, articles, interviews and recordings as well as the full post-conference report. View the outcomes of the HIMSS Nordic Community Workshop in the report “Sharing and Using Health Data” below

Presentations Nordic Workshop

Nordic Community Reports

Doctors on the move need tech that...

Digital transformation begins with...

Giving patients access to the right...

Interviews & News

Finnish healthcare: interview with Jaana Sinipuro, Director, SITRA

Why patient-to-patient support makes all the difference - WarOnCancer CEO Fabian Bolin talks about how transformative it can be when patients can share compassion and emotional support with each other.

Understanding Sweden's eHealth 2025 strategy - Karina Tellinger McNeil, strategist for the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, breaks down her country's ambitious plan to lead the world in the digitization of healthcare.

For more news and to stay on top of digital health developments in Europe, please visit INSIGHTS and HIMSS TV

Organising Committee


Kalevi Virta

HIMSS Europe Nordic Community Lead;
CEO eWELL Oy, Health IT & eHealth,
International networks - Coordinator at Centre for Health and Technology,

Bogi Eliasen

Bogi Eliasen

Futurist & Special Advisor on Future of Health,
Copenhagen Institute for Future Research

Sinipuro Jaana

Sinipuro Jaana

Project Director (IHAN),


Bjorn Jonsson

CIO, Landspitali University hospital,


Jan E. Larsson

SVP Sales and Marketing
Cambio Healthcare Systems

Mats Levander

Mats Levander

Marketing Manager, Nordics


Line Helen Linstad

Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine

Katherine Myhre

Kathrine Myhre

CEO Oslo Medtech

Petter Ostbye

Petter H. Østbye

General Manager - Sectra Scandinavia

Claus Pedersen

Claus Duedal Pedersen

Odense University Hospital

Katri Raevuori

Katri Raevuori

Project Manager Business Finland


Nard Schreurs



Mette Maria Skjøth

Senior Project Manager, Postdoc, PhD, Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT), Odense University Hospital,

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