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HIMSS Europe launched the HIMSS Iberian Community in 2014. The initiative seeks to improve and promote the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in the healthcare environment. The partnership brings together Spanish and Portuguese professionals from IT, medicine and health sciences from both the public and private sectors.

HIMSS’ Iberian Community supports the use and adoption of best practices for health IT, creating a knowledge transfer between all stakeholders striving towards the same goal of delivering better healthcare through IT. We also provide our community with training sessions designed to foster intensive knowledge exchange in addition to networking opportunities at the highest level.


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El camino al éxito como EMRAM nivel 6:...


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Iberian Community White Papers

  • Experiences and Metrics to Calculate Return on Investment

    Cost, value, return, in short, measurement. It is impossible to consider carrying out any business-related activity or service properly if these concepts are not on the decision-making agenda. Being able to measure the value generated, to plan the environment in which the multiplier effect of an investment's value will be of the greatest benefit to users, and to achieve the maximum return on investment within its economic dimension, has been the objective of health managers and decision-makers for years


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One IBERIAN hospital's game-changing journey to EMRAM Stage 7


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La transformación del Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre y acto de entrega de la acreditación HIMSS EMRAM Nivel 6

El próximo 22 de mayo a las 10.30h, tendrá lugar la presentación sobre los avances en la transformación digital del Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre y su papel en la acreditación EMRAM de HIMSS.

El evento mostrará qué ha supuesto la certificación y la transformación digital desde distintas áreas del hospital:

  • la perspectiva médica acerca de la ayuda a la decisión; enfermería tratando la trazabilidad; farmacia y el manejo de los medicamentos; así como laboratorio,sobre peticiones y presentaciones de resultados
  • El evento incluirá un interactivo panel de discusión.

Además, contará con la participación de John Rayner, director de HIMSS Analytics en Europa, quien presentará el valor de la acreditación EMRAM como modelo de madurez digital en los hospitales europeos.

Evento gratuito.

Se ruega confirmación de asistencia: https://surveys.himss.org/Checkbox/Survey.aspx?s=ed8a21cf923e410ca8de3582cb45a951

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