HIMSS French Community

The HIMSS French Community seeks to promote the use and adoption of health information technology (HIT) within French-speaking territories of Europe. It provides a forum for French-speaking professionals from public and private sector IT, medical and health sciences to network and collaborate with each other to achieve this goal.


Next year, we will organise the Belgium eHealth event, HIMSS Liège (2-3 April 2019), and our now well-known HIMSS French Delegation to HIMSS19 (11-15 February 2019) in Orlando to the members of the HIMSS French Community. Both events offers exclusive networking opportunities to promote the exchange of knowledge, best practices and encourage the development of new ideas and opportunities.

Our Webinar

To get direct input regarding both events, the HIMSS French Delegation going to HIMSS19 and HIMSS Liège, listen to our recorded "What are the next French Community events?" on our website.

Past Events

HIMSS Europe 18 & Health 2.0 Conference, 27-29 May, Sitges, Spain

HIMSS18, 5-9 March, Las Vegas

HIMSS17, Orlando

HIMSS Liège, 2017

HIMSS Montpellier 2015

French White Papers

  • L’information médicale : un vrai challenge !

    40% du temps des médecins est consacré à la documentation médicale et le temps passé par les professionnels de santé devant les écrans est en constante augmentation. Pour les établissements de santé français, en pleine construction des GHT et objectif de convergence IT, la pression est forte.

    200 acteurs de santé ont livré leur vision des défis que constituent la bonne tenue du dossier patient, la conformité avec les exigences de qualité et les réglementations, comme la toute dernière en date : la lettre de liaison à J-0. Découvrez leurs avis, téléchargez le rapport de l'étude menée par Les Echos Etudes pour Nuance : « Les défis de la documentation médicale en France »

    Téléchargez l'infographie et l'étude complète

Community Insights

Interview with Philippe Kolh, Professor and CIO at the Liège's University Hospital


As part of the programme, attendees will also be invited to join a guided hospital tour. The University Hospital of Liège continues to maintain its status as one of the most digitally mature hospitals in Europe, after successfully achieving a Stage 6 level of the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) in 2016.

Why you should be planning a trip to Liège in Belgium if you are into digital health.

Will Brexit jeopardise access to reciprocal healthcare?


Two years ago, when skiing in the French Alps, my daughter had a ski accident and was taken to hospital for urgent care. I was lucky enough to hold a European Health Insurance Card, which allowed us to receive healthcare as if we were local residents, as without it the bill could have been quite expensive for me!


Prescriptions without borders


In the first quarter of 2018, the five EU Member States Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Croatia, and Estonia will embark on a path that has the potential to change European healthcare forever. Cross-border exchange of electronic patient data will finally exit project phase. Electronic prescriptions will be here to stay, and more is likely to come.


Liberte Egalite Pataques


More and more French hospitals are using data to improve patient outcomes, notably in medication prescription and administration, and to boost communication between patients and caregivers.


Membres Fondateurs


Olivier Boussekey

Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint-Joseph,


Nicole Denjoy

Secretary General, COCIR


Pierre Traineau

Directeur Général du Catel



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