HIMSS D-A-CH Community

The community for our German-speaking members, partners and delegates was launched in 2016. Predominately made up of healthcare IT stakeholders from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, it provides an opportunity for you to network and share information and knowledge with other German speakers and to join your country’s delegations at the main HIMSS events of the healthcare IT year, many of which have special German-speaking programmes.

‘DACH’, of course, stands for Deutschland (Germany), Austria and Switzerland (‘CH’ being an abbreviation for Confoederatio Helvetica, Latin for ‘Swiss Confederation’).

Upcoming Events

The 2020 HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition ,9-13 March 2020, Orlando

Swiss eHealth Summit 2020, 08.- 09. September 2020, Zürich, Switzerland

Past Events

HEALTH - The Digital Leaders, 5-6 November 2019, Berlin, Germany

Swiss eHealth Summit 2019, 12 September 2019, Bern, Switzerland

HIMSS Europe 19 & Health 2.0, 11-13 June 2019, Helsinki, Finland

HIMSS19, 11-15 February 2019, Orlando, USA

Swiss eHealth Summit 2018, 11-12 September 2018, Bern, Schweiz

HIMSS Impact18, 17-18 October 2018, Potsdam, Deutschland

HIMSS Europe 18 & Health 2.0 Conference, 27-29 May, Sitges, Barcelona

HIMSS Europe & eHealth2018, 8-9 Mai 2018, Wien, Österreich

D-A-CH Community Frühstück, 18. April 2018

HIMSS18 D-A-CH Delegationsreise

Swiss eHealth Summit 2017, 21-22 September 2017, Lausanne, Switzerland

HIMSS Impact17, 20-21 November 2017, Potsdam


Florian Benthin - Deloitte

Guido Burkhardt - swissig

Nikolaus Huss - Politik Kommunikation

Univ.Prof Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Werner Leodolter - Universität Graz/KAGES

Dr. Peter Müller - Stiftung Gesundheit

Henning Schneider

Michael Strubin - Personal Connected Health Alliance PCHA)

Stefanie Woerns - Stiftung Gesundheit

D-A-CH Community Presentations


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Big Data and Smart Data in Oncology


Measuring outcomes that matter to patients

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