Solutions for Government Organisations

National and regional organisations list numerous benefits in working with HIMSS Europe at this level, including access to a practical and workable route map to the digitisation of health records across their country or region - and the clarity that comes from an increased capacity to gauge where their hospitals and healthcare organisations are when compared with others in their country and across the world. Due to the bespoke nature of our offerings, organisations gain the benefit too of tailor-made solutions and services tied to the digitisation of health and care delivery that suit their own unique needs.

Our solutions include classic benchmarking - collecting and analysing data and turning them into actionable results, custom health information technology research and consultancy services for regional and national health authorities. We can combine several models to measure the maturity of digital developments and processes in healthcare.

Analyse the status quo of acute care and outpatient care providers in a region or country through the HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption Model and the Outpatient EMR assessment, onsite GAP assessments or EMRAM+ evaluation. This combination of services will enable health authorities to:

  • Understand the current status of IT utilisation in the organisations by physicians, nurses and other staff
  • Identify the main gaps preventing organisations from getting optimised deployment of HIT in patient care
  • Gain qualitative input based on quantifiable elements to understand how to achieve higher stages on EMRAM. Execution - online or onsite (workshops and visits to organisations)

Education on HIMSS models

Executive briefing sessions to train on the HIMSS Analytics models to provide basic knowledge on the steps that need to be achieved in order to digitise healthcare delivery. This education will enable you to self-conduct assessments of the organisation, based upon the different models, where the education is provided. HIMSS will support health authorities on assessments where a further validation or consultancy is requested. Execution: online or onsite.


The model analyses the level of integration of care within a particular population belonging to the authority of a regional government.

Regional benchmarking reports

Based on EMRAM data to identify sectors with investment priorities and support a roadmap to the eHealth agenda in the region.

National market reports

Market essentials report based on data collected from a variety of healthcare technology areas and market segments to increase knowledge about the healthcare IT solutions deployed in a particular country.

Partner with HIMSS Europe

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