About HIMSS Analytics Europe

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of data and insight, HIMSS’ research and analytics arm, HIMSS Analytics®, is a global healthcare IT market intelligence, research and standards organisation which collects, analyses and distributes essential health IT data.

The largest and most robust healthcare IT dataset

HIMSS Analytics® offers the largest and most robust healthcare IT dataset in the world, built through information curated from lasting relationships with healthcare providers and collection from policy makers and research organisations around the world. Entirely distinct from patient data, this information relates to products, costs, metrics, trends and purchase decisions.

Bespoke solutions for unique organisations

HIMSS Analytics® provides a wide array of research solutions custom-created to meet its clientele’s business objectives from general market understanding to opportunities to find ways to improve business effectiveness. Our team of experienced analysts and thought leaders guide clients through the fast-paced, highly competitive healthcare IT market to better performance.

Measuring for success

Our benchmarking suite of healthcare IT assessment tools, certifications, global prescriptive maturity models and expert advisory services built to assist in creating strategic roadmaps toward optimisation and effectiveness of care.

Our EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) and Continuity of Care Maturity Model (CCMM) are now widely used throughout the world to help healthcare organisations benchmark and improve their digital maturity – and our new eight-stage Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM), helps evaluate the maturity of IT-supported processes in medical imaging.

Who we are

HIMSS Analytics® is a part of HIMSS, a cause-based, global enterprise that produces health IT thought leadership, education, events, market research and media services around the world.

Founded in 1961, HIMSS encompasses more than 52,000 members, of which more than two thirds work in healthcare pro-vider, governmental and not-for-profit organisations across the globe, plus over 600 corporations and a network of over one million Health IT key influencers that drive innovation throughout the world.

Visit our website www.himssanalytics.org  for more information on our activities outside Europe.

What we do

HIMSS Analytics® offers various services in the field of eHealth, which can be divided into three categories:

Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Solutions for Vendors

Solutions for Governmental Organisations

Visit www.himssanalytics.org for more information on our activities outside Europe.


HIMSS Analytics® relies on a broad range of methods and on the many years of specialist experience of our employees, members and partners. In the conceptual design of models and studies we cooperate with the relevant subject matter experts and trust in an appropriate mix of technology users, policy makers and industry representatives.

For example, the EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM℠) is developed with input from senior executives and technical experts from leading hospitals, health IT vendors and other industry associations.

New models and studies are first tested in pilots, often with organisations from different countries. The data collection is carried out in numerous ways (online, by telephone, face-to-face, in workshops, via social media, among other methods) and is conducted by trained interviewers and industry experts.

Thanks to our perennial market presence we have developed personal relation-ships and hold contacts with relevant decision makers in the field of health IT in multiple countries. Data processing and analysis is carried out by trained personnel and interpretation of findings is done by industry experts from HIMSS or from specific partners.

What differentiates us?

HIMSS is an independent, neutral association that doesn’t subordinate itself to any particular body or organisation. The non-profit character of HIMSS removes us from having to meet any economic interests of corporate owners, although we think economically..

As a global-thinking, locally adaptive organisation, we bring expertise from numerous countries in any cooperative project, enabling our partners and cus-tomers to share knowledge and compare. We are also represented in numerous countries through offices or local representatives and thus have the necessary regional knowledge and market context. HIMSS is actively supporting similar digitisation projects in several countries including the US, Denmark, Australia and Singapore. To learn about the project success of our customers, contact your local HIMSS Analytics representative.

We are the world’s largest health IT membership organisation and the leading health IT knowledge organisation. HIMSS was established 55 years ago in the United States and has had offices in Europe for over 10 years. We have proven our expertise in numerous projects and continuously collected new experiences to expand our knowledge. In Europe alone, we have IT infrastructure information and process knowledge from more than 2,500 hospitals. Among them are more than 50 technologically advanced facilities with whom we are in a particularly intensive exchange: through personal contact on the spot, at events and congresses, in conference calls and regular communications. We know what we are talking about.

The various fields of activity in which HIMSS is active allow us to look at certain issues from different angles. Evaluations and market analyses can be dis-cussed in HIMSS media and at HIMSS events. The other ways are by initiating a workshop, a discussion or an article, a research project, a market report or a thematic analysis. We bring people and ideas together; we will promote the exchange and the network culture.