Governing Council

HIMSS Europe is completely independent and is overseen by an independent Governing Council, which helps to steer its strategic direction, providing content expertise and keeping an oversight of the organisation’s activities. It also appoints member-based work groups that have delegated responsibility to assist management in the execution of operational strategies, to support the development and promotion of other HIMSS Europe solutions and services, develop governance roles, procedures and practices to ensure an effective governance and oversight body. HIMSS’ Individual Members are invited to put themselves forward for election as Governing Council members.

  • Elena Bonfiglioli

    Elena Bonfiglioli

    Managing Director Health Industry, Public Sector, EMEA
    Microsoft, Belgium

  • Mike Fuller

    Director Marketing
    InterSystems, UK

  • Dr. Audrey Grace

    BSc, ACCA, HDip M&M, MSc, PhD
    Lecturer and Researcher
    University College Cork, Ireland

  • Uta Knöchel

    Uta Knöchel

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
    SoCura MD GmbH, Köln, Germany

  • Philippe Kolh, MD

    CIO and Chairman
    University Hospital of Liège
    Liège, Belgium

  • Line Linstad

    Head of Department
    Norwegian Centre for E-health Research
    Tromso, Norway

  • Nard Schreurs

    Director for eHealth and smart tech
    IKT, Norway

  • Merik Seven

    Merik Seven

    Senior Manager, Life Science and Health(care) | IT strategy
    Deloitte, the Netherlands

  • Elena Sini

    Humanitas Research Hospital, Italy

  • Gürhan Zincircioglu

    Gürhan Zincircioglu

    MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon, CIO/CMIO
    Tire Public Hospital, Turkey