While many of us have the same goals, healthcare, and in particular eHealth, differs vastly from country to country - and this is true in Europe perhaps more than in any other continent.

The HIMSS Europe Communities bring together health IT professionals from both the public and private sectors from a number of pan-European regions across Europe, to exchange innovative ideas, discuss trends, challenges and solutions. These self-organising groups, which are becoming more popular year-on-year, enable you to unite with other community members, both virtually and in person, to discuss the needs of your region or community and set your own agenda. HIMSS acts simply as a facilitator.

HIMSS Europe Communities gather not only at our pan-European events but also benefit from organised trips to HIMSS Annual Conferences, as well as having access to tailored webinars and regional roadshows. They provide an unrivalled opportunity for professionals who share the same language to socialise, network and discuss issues they have in common.  

Industry partners who support our communities have access to a unique network of healthcare IT professionals representing key European regions, and the opportunity to gain visibility by providing insights on critical HIT-related topics and solutions.

In addition to regional groups, HIMSS Europe also has an EMRAM Stage 6&7 Club, bringing together an exclusive group of recognised EMRAM Stage 6 and 7 hospitals who are at the forefront of digital maturity - and future candidates - to network, exchange business cases and get inspired by their peers and industry leaders.

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