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25.04.2018 Teresa Bau
Three Women Doctors in front of a computer

There are a great number of female professionals working in the field of Health IT: doctors, nurses, IT professionals, managers, policymakers and more... However, they do not always have the same recognition and opportunities than their male... Read more...

24.04.2018 Evangelia Stavropoulou
Award on stage

More than 150 Turkish public hospitals have reached Stage 6 in less than eight months.

Having one of its public hospitals among the EMRAM Stage 7 family of hospitals in Europe, Turkey now has more than 150 public hospitals having fulfilled... Read more...

23.04.2018 Stefan Buttigieg
Futuristic Doctor

The mission critical environment of the healthcare sector creates challenges with influencing the right stakeholders at the right time. How do we move beyond digital health pilots? And how could start-ups/SMEs show their value towards healthcare... Read more...

17.04.2018 Denise Silber

How do new digital health services get integrated into a hospital IT system? There are several  hurdles. Integration of a new digital service typically begins with a pilot which takes six months to set up and at least another year to execute.... Read more...