Keeping on top of health and care IT news, policy and developments can be challenging. As the European arm of the world’s leading health IT knowledge organisation – and with a portfolio of media titles in print, digital and online, with thought-provoking, pertinent, interactive content – we’re in an unrivalled positon to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on in health and care IT across Europe.

Health IT Central

The news portal of the European health and care IT community, Health IT Central gives you access to a whole world of news and information on one simple web portal. From our homepage you can access all of HIMSS Europe’s English titles: BJ-HC, HealthTech Wire and Insights - each with a different take on transforming health and care through IT. Together, they provide comprehensive coverage of the industry's most important issues, giving you a 360-degree perspective.

An unrivalled network of international journalists produces quality, independent coverage to the highest standards, providing you with news and comment of practical relevance to you and other members of the European health and care ecosystem. And all this on a central platform that’s updated daily – bookmark Health IT Central for an unmissable daily digest of what’s trending in the industry across Europe.


The quarterly IT journal for healthcare leaders across Europe, Insights is read by more than 20,000 healthcare IT decision makers and is available in print, digital and online formats. Comprising incisive news, opinion and features put together by some of Europe’s best and most knowledgeable healthcare journalists, Insights is Europe’s number one healthcare IT magazine.



Established in 1984 in print and now published online only, The British Journal of Healthcare Computing (BJ-HC) is the UK’s longest-running health IT publication. With a focus on the positive news within the NHS, BJ-HC gives you top notch, independent reportage on health IT news and events in the UK, as they are happening, here.


HealthTech Wire

HealthTech Wire – the eHealth business news channel online – is the industry's news service for business news from health IT suppliers and other healthcare sector stakeholders. Industry-supported, it is Europe’s number 1 platform for business and product news such as acquisitions and new launches from the industry.


And for our German speakers

HealthTech Wire, our eHealth business news channel online – is now also available in German. There’s also HIMSS Europe’s 42 - the journal for the German, Austrian and Swiss Healthcare IT sectors.

42 Online – Now live

The journal for the German, Austrian and Swiss health and care IT communities, 42 completes HIMSS Europe’s stable of media publications. With constantly updated news from hospital IT for hospital IT the aim of this user-driven publication is to bridge communication gaps between management team and IT manager in a bid to help members of the European eHealth community in their mission of transforming healthcare through IT.

42 News is now online:

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