Two Pan-European eHealth events that must be in your 2016 calendar

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eHealth Week


HIMSS Europe’s expectations for 2016 are high and exciting! We are launching new initiatives, research and trend barometers, with the aim of ensuring we provide healthcare IT professionals in Europe with thought leadership, trends and solutions within the industry. To bring all of this together, two key events will be taking place in 2016 which you really shouldn’t miss if you are a part of the European eHealth Community: eHealth Week in Amsterdam (June) and the World of Health IT in Barcelona (November).  

eHealth Week will be hosted in The Netherlands, where digital maturity is on the rise

The Netherlands is certainly an exciting country to be hosting this year’s eHealth Week, as it is renowned for its advancements in IT and digital advancements overall. In addition, the Dutch Ministry of Health has ambitious goals and objectives to transform their healthcare system within the next five years, such as getting 80% of Dutch citizens with a chronic disease to have online access to their medical data or to get 75% of patients with a chronic disease to monitor their health status at home. As such, eHealth Week will be an event which will gather policy-makers, government representatives, high-level healthcare professionals and patient organisations.   

The Dutch Ministry of Health, who holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the first half of 2016, will address their current needs and challenges, as well as next steps in implementing IT solutions in a healthcare environment.

Beautiful Barcelona will host WoHIT this autumn

HIMSS Europe’s classic event, the World of Health IT Conference & Exhibition (WoHIT) is taking a completely new shape, with a new structure and concept, and will be launched in Barcelona on 21-22 November. WoHIT will encompass a number of tracks, addressing current topics such as: mHealth, genomics and cybersecurity which will have their own dedicated sessions and a revamped exhibition space. I am also happy to announce that the CIO Summit will be part of WoHIT and will include exclusive guided tours through renowned hospitals in the Catalonian region.

WoHIT will also provide a solid platform for the HIMSS Communities to share knowledge, as technology and innovation continuously transforms how healthcare is delivered. This pan-European event will bring together every single person who is involved in making digital health happen: from front line nurses and clinicians to top level hospital CIOs and CEOs, without forgetting users and patients, who will also be present.   

What are the main differences between eHealth Week in Amsterdam and WoHIT in Barcelona?

eHealth Week will continue to take place each spring in partnership with the European Commission and the rotating European Ministries holding the European Commission Presidencies to address  strategy and policy, meanwhile WoHIT will address the immediate needs and challenges of frontline healthcare IT professionals in their daily work.

To make it simple, eHealth Week is about making sense of “why” we need eHealth and better understanding the surrounding eHealth initiatives and policy.  Whereas WoHIT is about “what” we need to do to deliver the eHealth agenda and “how” it can be done effectively.

These two events complement each other so I really look forward to seeing you twice this year: Amsterdam in June and Barcelona in November!

Christina Roosen

VP, Public Affairs

HIMSS Europe