HIMSS Europe Governing Council

Prof. Dr. Arno Elmer
Scientific Director of the Research Group eHealth at FOM Hochschule
University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management, Germany
Mike Fuller
Director Marketing, InterSystems, UK
Philippe H. Kolh, MD
Chief Information Officer and Chairman
Liège University Hospital , Liège, Belgium
Line Linstad
Department Head
Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine, Norway
Vicent Moncho Mas
Chief Information Officer
Hospital Marina Salud de Denia , Denia , Spain
Tommaso Piazza
Chief Information Officer
UPMC Italy, s.r.l. , Palermo , Italy
Pilar Raro-Garnes MD, MBA, PMP
IT Project Director
Hospital La Fe , Valencia, Spain
Janne Rasmussen
European Engagement Manager
NHS24 / Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare , South Queensferry, UK
Michiel Sprenger, PhD
Senior Policy Adviser
The Netherlands’ National IT Institute in Healthcare , The Hague, The Netherlands
Jean-Pierre Thierry, MD, MPH
JPThierry Consulting , Andresy , France
Hans Vandewyngaerde
President EMEA
Agfa HealthCare , Brussels , Belgium