The EMRAM Stages 6 & 7

The EMRAM Stage 6 & 7 Community


The EMRAM Stage 6 & 7 Community has been created by HIMSS Europe to engage and manage the European Stage 6 & 7 community. This is an exclusive group for former recognised hospitals and future candidates to network, exchange business cases and get inspired by peers and HIT leaders.

The Stage 6 & 7 Community is the showcase of the best practices in the implementation of health IT, HIMSS wants to provide the right environment for these leaders to strengthen workflow and empower outcomes in this field.

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Stage 7 Hospitals

Reaching Stage 7 is a very real and meaningful accomplishment, with challenges and rewards. HIMSS Europe is proud of the following hospitals who have achieved Stage 7. Possible because of their hard work and collaboration, these healthcare organizations now support the true sharing and use of patient data that ultimately improves process performance, quality of care, and patient safety.

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Stage 6 Hospitals


Reaching Stage 6 is a result of focus, good direction and a steadfast commitment from leadership. Stage 6 institutions have established clear goals for improving safety, minimizing errors, and prioritizing IT implementations. HIMSS Europe is proud of the following hospitals who have achieved Stage 6:


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  Lucas Andreas Spaarne Ziekenhuis  Westfreisgasthuis



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