EMRAM Evaluation for Hospitals

Understanding the level of electronic medical record (EMR) capabilities in hospitals is a challenge in the European healthcare IT market today.

Want to optimise the value of IT in your hospital? We can help - download our EMRAM Evaluation for Hospitals (pdf 657 kb).

EMRAM Evaluation for Hospitals - Italian version (pdf 657 kb).

EMRAM Evaluation for Hospitals - German version. (pdf 662 kb).

HIMSS Analytics has developed the EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) to guide healthcare providers on their path to digitization. The model identifies the levels of electronic medical record (EMR) capabilities ranging from limited ancillary department systems through a paperless EMR environment.

The methodology and algorithm used by HIMSS Analytics score hospitals relative to their IT enabled clinical transformation status and provide peer comparisons for hospital organizations as they strategize their path to a complete EMR and participation in a cross--institutional electronic health record (EHR).

EMR Adoption Model Chart


» Data collection, scoring and delivery of score and benchmarking reports are free of charge in our core target markets to healthcare-provider organizations under the HIMSS Europe general terms and conditions.

» The survey can be conducted by phone, online or offline self-completion, and in any combination thereof.

» The input effort per hospital is between 1 and 3 hours. Sessions can be interrupted and continued.

» All data is reviewed by a trained, in-house Quality Assurance team. Data is collected in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations.

» The individual EMRAM scores and benchmarking reports are confidential to the provider organizations; peers in the reports are anonymized.

» The CIO will receive notification of their FREE benefit package availability together with a login to the EMRAM database.


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Dedicated country managers of HIMSS Europe are happy to deliver further information, explain details and guide you through the benefits of scoring your hospital. Please feel free to send an e-mail to: welcome@himssanalytics.eu

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