HIMSS Nordic community

The longest-standing HIMSS Europe Community, established in 2006, the HIMSS Nordic Community has a unique programme specifically tailored for healthcare IT professionals from both the public and private sectors in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. In order to address current needs and issues in the Nordic nations, a number of events and workshops are regularly organised. The community consists not only of workshops and networking events, but presentations, panel discussions and hospital tours also take place. Similarly, members can also take advantage of special offers and packages with invites to all HIMSS events in Europe, Asia and the US.

Upcoming Events

HIMSS18, 19-23 February 2018, Las Vegas

HIMSS Europe 18, June 2018, Barcelona, Spain

Organising Committee


Harri Tatti



Claus Duedal Pedersen

Odense University Hospital


Kalevi Virta

Ewell OY


Line Helen Linstad

Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine


Karina Tellinger



Bjorn Jonsson

Landspitali University Hospital


Nard Schreurs



Ulf Sigurdsen

AHUS University Hospital and eHealth, Region S-E Norway


Siri Bjørvig

Tromsø Telemedicine Center


Jan E. Larsson

Cambio Healthcare Systems


Jari Porrasmaa

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health


Karri Vainio

The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities


Lene Schilling Muldtofte

Region Nordjylland


Rune Mehlum

Industry Lead EMEA Healthcare, EMC Region Nordjylland


Nordic Community White Papers

HCI White Paper: EPR System Selection

Your Trust could choose any electronic patient record (EPR) system to care for patients and manage its operations. But selecting the right EPR can transform your hospital’s patient and staff experiences. Here are seven tips for transforming clinical care by procuring the right EPR system.


HCI White Paper: Go-Live Implementation Guide


You have likely used one or more of these terms, or some variant thereof, when describing your perceptions of—or experience with—the Go-Live phase of implementing your electronic health record system.


Accenture White Paper: Patient Engagement Survey - Norway, 2014

Accenture research shows persons with chronic conditions in Norway are more concerned about the privacy of their online shopping transactions and social media interactions than information contained in electronic medical records.


Accenture White Paper: Healthcare IT put Norwegian Consumers' Fingers on the Pulse

Norwegian health authorities can drive significant improvements as envisaged by the healthcare reform by leveraging recent advances in digital self-service technologies. Digital patient engagement will help support the desire of healthcare consumersto participate in the management of their health, bring about efficiencies for providers and generate a wealth of data that will advance the role of analytics-powered medicine. Combined, these trends will contribute to Norway’s move into a modern era of proactive, predictive, patient-centric health management


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