HIMSS Iberian Community

HIMSS Europe launched the HIMSS Iberian Community in 2014. The initiative seeks to improve and promote the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in the healthcare environment. The partnership brings together Spanish and Portuguese professionals from IT, medicine and health sciences from both the public and private sectors.

HIMSS’ Iberian Community supports the use and adoption of best practices for health IT, creating a knowledge transfer between all stakeholders striving towards the same goal of delivering better healthcare through IT. We also provide our community with training sessions designed to foster intensive knowledge exchange in addition to networking opportunities at the highest level.

Upcoming Events

HIMSS Europe 18 & Health 2.0 Conference, 27-29 May, Sitges, Barcelona

Iberian Community Presentations


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Iberian Community White Papers

  • Experiences and Metrics to Calculate Return on Investment

    Cost, value, return, in short, measurement. It is impossible to consider carrying out any business-related activity or service properly if these concepts are not on the decision-making agenda. Being able to measure the value generated, to plan the environment in which the multiplier effect of an investment's value will be of the greatest benefit to users, and to achieve the maximum return on investment within its economic dimension, has been the objective of health managers and decision-makers for years


Community Insights

Prioritising The Providers


After an extensive search process for a new leader to replace Stephen Liber as the President and CEO of HIMSS, Hal Wolf, form Chief Operating Office of Kaiser Permanente, has stepped into the new role. In an exclusive interview, the digital health veteran gives us an insights into his plans for the HIMSS global footprint.


Will Brexit jeopardise access to reciprocal healthcare?


Two years ago, when skiing in the French Alps, my daughter had a ski accident and was taken to hospital for urgent care. I was lucky enough to hold a European Health Insurance Card, which allowed us to receive healthcare as if we were local residents, as without it the bill could have been quite expensive for me!


Prescriptions without borders


In the first quarter of 2018, the five EU Member States Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Croatia, and Estonia will embark on a path that has the potential to change European healthcare forever. Cross-border exchange of electronic patient data will finally exit project phase. Electronic prescriptions will be here to stay, and more is likely to come.


The European eHealth Patchwork


Healthcare IT continues to be insufficiently funded and supported in many parts of Europe. As a result, a lot of healthcare facilities are not as digitally mature as they could be. This is a key result of the Annual European eHealth Survey, conducted by HIMSS Analytics. The results also show that priorities in healthcare IT vary considerably across the continent. What does not vary is the eagerness of eHealth professionals to improve their leadership skills.


Is eHealth taking a siesta in Spain?


eHealth has progressed in Spain as new channels of communication and possibilities to deliver care appear across the country. But most initiatives do not benefit the greater numbers as their range is limited by a crippling regional mapping of healthcare and the system’s immaturity at the time of leveraging data.


HIMSS Europe and Health 2.0 to co-locate HIMSS Europe 18


HIMSS Europe and Health 2.0 are joining efforts to co-locate the most influential digital health conference in Europe next year. In April, HIMSS’ acquisition of Health 2.0 Conferences was announced, and the two organisations have since come together to design a digital health event that will bring the best of both worlds: HIMSS Europe’s knowledge and expertise in healthcare digitization and Health 2.0’s network of entrepreneurs and investors.


The app route to patient engagement


The app-enabled hospital is emerging across Europe, as a healthy mix of pioneering digital strategies and niche pilot projects demonstrate the powerful role that apps can now play in patient engagement and clinical treatment. The journey is still in its infancy, but more tentative CIOs can already learn much from the experiences of these innovative digital leaders.


Changing The Mindset

Vasco Pereira is one of Portugal’s leading personalities when it comes to bringing information technology to healthcare environments. In his current role as CEO at Hospital de Cascais he has overseen the management of a fully digitised hospital and even achieved level 6 of the HIMSS EMRAM scale in 2016. Insights finds out his institution is bearing the fruits of his hard work.


Community Partners


DXC Technology

DXC on Healthcare

For more than 50 years, DXC Technology has delivered healthcare and life sciences IT services to payer, provider, government and life sciences organizations across the world. The scope and scale of our healthcare and life sciences activities means we understand how to make outcome-based transformation work. DXC Technology brings an independent point of view on transformation and provides unique best-in-class technology, consulting services and insights for healthcare and life sciences organizations worldwide. Our solutions combine an outcome-driven approach to digital care transformation and proven capabilities with underpinning infrastructure services. Particularly important to Healthcare 3.0 is DXC's connected ecosystem approach, Open Health Connect, which is a digital service platform that delivers industry-focused solutions to transform health and care services.


Founding Members