HIMSS Iberian Community

HIMSS Europe launched the HIMSS Iberian Community in 2014. The initiative seeks to improve and promote the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in the healthcare environment. The partnership brings together Spanish and Portuguese professionals from IT, medicine and health sciences from both the public and private sectors.

HIMSS’ Iberian Community supports the use and adoption of best practices for health IT, creating a knowledge transfer between all stakeholders striving towards the same goal of delivering better healthcare through IT. We also provide our community with training sessions designed to foster intensive knowledge exchange in addition to networking opportunities at the highest level.

Upcoming Events

Autumn 2017: CHIME Leadership Academy for Spanish CIOs

Spring 2018:HIMSS Europe 18, May 2018, Barcelona, Spain

Past Events

HIMSS Europe CIO Summit 2012 in Mallorca

HIMSS Europe CIO Summit 2013 in Madrid

HIMSS Madrid 2014 in Madrid

HIMSS Europe CIO Summit 2015 in Valencia

World of Health IT Conference 2016 in Barcelona

Iberian Community Presentations


EMRAM and the Numeric Hospital - Comparison


How to leverage data to manage and save lives?


La Fe's Hospital Tour

Webinarios Iberian


Presentación HIMSS-CHIME: Desarrollando...


Webinario: La transformación hacia un...


Webinario: ¿Cómo tomar decisiones...

Iberian Community White Papers

  • Experiences and Metrics to Calculate Return on Investment

    Cost, value, return, in short, measurement. It is impossible to consider carrying out any business-related activity or service properly if these concepts are not on the decision-making agenda. Being able to measure the value generated, to plan the environment in which the multiplier effect of an investment's value will be of the greatest benefit to users, and to achieve the maximum return on investment within its economic dimension, has been the objective of health managers and decision-makers for years


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