Dutch Community Whitepapers

The Digitization of the Healthcare Industry

Over the past few years, few industries have seen such dramatic changes as in healthcare. On the one hand, the healthcare sector is strong and growing, with a value of $3.2 trillion in the United States. With the dust finally settling on the Affordable Care Act, more than 10 million newly insured Americans are bringing significant revenues to an industry shifting to more retail-like business, clinical, and operating models.


German research institute tests Memory-Driven Computing to fight global time bomb of neurodegenerative diseases
As world populations age, the human and economic toll of currently incurable neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s grows staggering. DZNE fights these diseases using Big Data analytics, but the limitations of traditional computer systems have been a major bottleneck. Seeking a breakthrough solution, DZNE discovered HPE’s Memory- Driven Computing—and saw unprecedented computational speed improvements that hold new promise in the race against Alzheimer’s.

Monaco White Paper: Kwaliteit meten met De Delta Pi score

Kwaliteit meten met De Delta Pi score

Hoe goed plant uw organisatie? Personeelsplanning gaat over het bereiken van doelstellingen op de gebieden kostenbeheersing, kwaliteit en tevredenheid. Een duidelijke visie, organisatiecultuur en inbedding van het planproces bepalen uw succes. Hoe tevreden bent u over de resultaten?


Carestream White Paper: Enterprise Data Clinical Management

Functional Requirements for Enterprise Clinical Data Management: Solving Technical Problems, Satisfying User Needs.

All around the world, regulatory requirements and market forces are driving a growing demand for higher-quality, more-efcient healthcare – supported by integrated IT systems that better serve the needs of every stakeholder.


Intersystems White Paper: eHealth en informatietechnologie in de gezondheidszorg

Duurzame gezondheidssystemen creëren in de 21e eeuw: eHealth en informatietechnologie in de gezondheidszorg Door de combinatie van de vergrijzende wereldbevolking en de toename van chronische medische aandoeningen staan de gezondheidssystemen wereldwijd onder een niet-aflatende druk. Ook de consument verwacht alsmaar meer.


Cisco White Paper: The Internet of Everything (IoE) and the Delivery of Healthcare

How Increased Connectivity Is Transforming Clinical Practice and Patient Care

Imagine having the right information, at the right place and at the right time. Data powerful enough to make critical care decisions. The Internet of Everything is making this possible.