HIMSS EMR Adoption Model

HIMSS EMR Adoption Model used in large Danish Call for Tender

For the first time the HIMSS Analytics Europe's EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) has been included as one of the selection criteria in a call for tender for a large IT healthcare platform in the country of Denmark.
The HIMSS Analytics Europe's EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM)  identifies the levels of electronic medical record (EMR) capabilities and is an excellent tool to assess an EHR's level of maturity and ability to support clinical practice.
Denmark who according to New York Times 'Leads the Way in Digital Care' is divided into five regions and it is 2 of these regions that together account for almost half of Denmarks population of 5.5 million Citizens that have now placed a Call for Tender.
Previously the prestigious EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) Stage 6 was awarded to Odense University Hospital in the Danish Region South in 2010.
The Capital Region and Region Zealand are the 2 regions that are now requesting bids for a new IT healthcare platform and the IT healthcare platform must support the following according to the Regions:
'The new and modern solution is required to generate qualitative and quantitative improvements in both the Capitol Region (Region H) and the Zealand Region (Region Sj) within three overall areas:
• Treatment continuity and patient safety
• Efficiency improvements of clinical processes and workflows
• Patient and staff satisfaction'
According to the Regions: 'We require an effective IT system for the healthcare sector which can elevate both Regions to a minimum of “Stage 6” on the HIMSS scale with the possibility of reaching Stage 7.'
This is an exciting move towards a standardized way to assess bids in the very challenging process that procurement of large scale EHR systems have become.
Choosing a National or Regional IT healthcare platform is a daunting task that involves many criteria and the fact that HIMSS has now been recognized in Europe as the supplier of a model for assessment speaks volumes about the successful efforts by so many in the HIMSS community as well as HIMSS Europe's staff and supporters.

Written by Claus Ehlers, CPHIMS, CISA, CIPP, TOGAF9, ITIL